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What does this mean "Your email address is invalid."

My address is correct. Why is the system not accepting it, and why can't I find tech support because it is obvious that is who I need.

Help is totally unhelpful because there are three other questions dealing with this type of question of which only one had a response. I found that response helpful until I attempted to contact tech support with no luck. Consequently, I'm not optimistic that I will receive any kind of a reply let alone 1. one that answers the question, 2. a response from tech support (wherever they are) who should have the answer and the solution.

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ANNE CAMIEN 1 Jul 23, 2012 at 04:10 PM Answer This

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Christine R.
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Hi Anne,

You can reach help desk via the online messaging on this page. Just click "other" and advance to the next page. the help link at the bottom of the Answers page should also take you there.

As for the email address being rejected, I've had that happen too. I contacted help desk via the Answers section (prior to the change over to the current set up) and they reset it in the system. It hadn't changed and wasn't out of service at any point. On the Guru side, they were getting feedback that my email was bouncing messages back. I think it was related to the spam filter my ISP uses.

You might also keep in mind that we do have visits from Guru staffers in the Answers section, so you may have Stacy or Jason or one of the others chime in with more direct help.



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Christine R. 15.9k Jul 23, 2012 at 05:47 PM


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