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George Sheehy
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How do I quote a milestone date when I don't know the award date

When I quote (bid) on a project It asked me to enter a milestone date. My dates as based on the date awarded and my other work load and is not a fixed date.

How to I enter a date?

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George Sheehy 90 Jan 10 at 06:04 PM Answer This

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Robin Thomas
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I hope Guru will respond to this question. As a Guru professional, I find the bidding process to be extremely confusing. It seems to be impossible to provide an accurate guesstimate of milestone and project completion dates if you: 1) don't have a thorough understanding of the project (scope, phases, involvement of other Gurus, the employer's scheduling needs). Many times, the project description lacks specificity (I've seen project descriptions as open-ended as "write me a book about horses"). I don't have the experience of an employer, but would be interested in employers' opinions.

Back in the day, Gurus simply placed their bids by entering the project cost. It worked fine. Why complicate the process?

Guru...please tell me what I'm missing here.

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Robin Thomas 4.8k Jan 10 at 06:34 PM


I agree with Robin. Years ago it worked fine. At least provide us with the ability to select Invoicing upon initiating the bid.

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