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Hi - I am new to guru. I thought I changed my billing end date but apparently it did not change. I talk with my employer 10 minutes (I am a coach for him) every other day. It takes 12 days for me to register 1 hour of my time. How can I track this? I will bill as needed. What do I do to track this job? My time tracker does not work on the website. Thanks, Ann

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Ann E. Echols 1 Apr 20 at 01:29 PM Answer This

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Kathleen Termyn
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This is a hard one. Since you mentioned tracking your time, I'm going to assume you have an hourly job. I also don't know your hourly rate for this job. but here goes.

Tracker works on taking screen shots of the work you're doing so the employer can see that you're actually working on their job and not reading personal email, or playing the latest game. You can't use Tracker to log in the work you're doing since it involves phone calls. So, first, I would get the employers approval/ok to add manual hours to the tracker.

You say the work you do involves 10 minute phone calls every other day, and it would take 12 days to register just 1 hour of work. So. I would set up Safepay for 4 milestones. Each milestone would be funded for 3 days of work. Before starting work, the employer would fund the 1st milestone, You would do 3 days of work and then submit the work. The employer would release the funds for the 1st milestone and then fund the 2. When they do that you can start working on the second, and so on.

If this job might involve more then 12 days, you can just keep adding milestones encompassing 3 days.

Someone may come up with a better idea hopefully.

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Kathleen Termyn 21k Apr 21 at 01:07 AM


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