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Hello I have a guru supplier I hired for a webside dev. I have paid 150 dollar in advance and should pay the rest when job is done. The time frame where set to end of May for delivey. How shall I handle this. I have written to him several times and he always say it will come news in two three days. Do you have any suggestions how to handle this

Regards Gustav

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Gustav A 0 Jun 16 at 08:35 AM Answer This

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Kathleen Termyn
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Well, first of all, you should NOT have paid this freelancer any money before he started working. He's been paid now, Although not the entire amount, but by you paying in advance, this freelancer earned $150. Now, he has some money, without doing any work and there's no incentive for him to do any work. This freelancer is most likely a scammer.

The only time you should pay a freelancer in advance, is if they need to buy supplies to do a job, such as buying stamps, or buying envelopes, - If they need to rent or acquire something, such as hiring actors and buying special props (if creating a video) or if they are ghostwriters where they will be working on a book that will last 3 or more months. (You can't expect them not to have any money coming in while writing that book.)

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Kathleen Termyn 21k Jun 17 at 02:37 AM


Then your next step would be to message the freelancer (if there are no funds in Safepay ) that you no longer need their services and are terminating the project agreement/contract. At that point you would either post another job to look for another freelancer, or pick another freelancer from the list of those that applied to the job.

Before letting the freelancer you no longer need their service, IF there are funds in Safepay, Click on the Request Refund button. If the freelancer doesn't respond then all funds in Safepay will be returned to you. If they respond, then both of you will enter into the dispute resolution process to determine who should receive the funds in Safepay

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