Employers: Introducing Automated Mediation

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To help make dispute resolution more efficient, we’re introducing a new automated mediation tool. It is free to use and gives you a chance to resolve disputes at your own pace. This tool provides complete transparency and eliminates delays caused by miscommunication between you and the Freelancer.

How It Works:

  1. Automated mediation begins when you provide Guru with reasons for withholding funds after a Freelancer has requested them be released.
  2. The Freelancer is able to see these reasons, and respond to each with supporting evidence.
  3. You and the Freelancer can then continue going back and forth until you reach an agreement, or until one party decides to escalate to arbitration.
automated mediation - Employer refund request

We encourage you to resolve the dispute through mediation if at all possible. However if an agreement cannot be reached, arbitration services will still be available for the same fee as they are today. Automated Mediation will be available the week of Nov. 18. Learn More about Automated Mediation in the Help Center.


  1. Christina Spellman

    I will be very glad when this feature is available!! It will definitely assist in resolution conflict especially when foreign companies like [REMOVED] makes you pay up front and then does not deliver.

    And I know not correct forum but I think it is WRONG that you can pay to block feedback. That takes all the integrity out of the rating system.

    I believe I will be taking all my business elsewhere.

  2. Cecilia garcía

    I inscribed myself as Writing, Editing and Translation. The problem is that i want to change my profile for graphic design. ¿Can it be possible?
    Thnks for your answer

    Cecilia García

    • Anna

      Hi Cecilia,
      You can’t change your category, but you can create an additional profile in graphic design. With a free membership you can create up to 5 different categories, and with a paid membership, up to 10. But you can only be active in one category at a time. Please see this similar question on Guru Answers to learn more.


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