1099-MISC Tax Forms Available Soon

1099-MISC tax forms will be available Tuesday, January 15, 2013. On January 15, Guru.com will issue 1099-MISC tax forms to all qualifying U.S. Freelancers. To qualify for receipt of a 1099-MISC form, all of the following must be true: You received payment from an Employer who uses Guru.com’s free 1099 tax service; You completed a… Read more »

Employers: 1099 Service Reports Due Soon

Change requests for 1099 Service Reports are due Friday, January 11 (5:00 p.m. EST). Please review your 1099 Service Report and notify us if any corrections are needed by January 11. On January 15, Guru.com will submit your information to the IRS and to applicable Freelancers on your behalf. You are not obligated to resubmit… Read more »