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Sergio Seabra_Industrial Designer

Top quality design work at reasonable prices!

My goal is to create original concepts that will add value to your products.My expertise lies in Industrial Design either for consumer products or Concept designs for entertainment. With a 2D or 3D output my work range goes from Product Design for every industry, concept designs for film, games and animations, character design, 3D modeling and rendering, the list goes on...
Good customer service is also key for me, so I'm self committed into delivering the best possible work and still meet your strict deadline. My goal is to exceed your expectations.
If you want to see some of my previous work please visit the following links for some samples.

Work Terms

Payment Method:

I prefer getting paid by SafePay Escrow which ensures both parties protection and satisfaction should disputes arise. I will only work with employers who
agree to the Escrow service.


I prefer to communicate with employers by e-mail or Skype, Daily or weekly, or whenever you need it.

General Availability:

normally available all days of the week during the day

Feedback / Endorsement:

I appreciate employers leaving feedback when a project is completed, I can also assure that I will leave honest feedback as well.

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