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Unless you're a professional writer, the time you spend writing for your business is costing you money. Your specialty is your business; mine is helping your business succeed. Many business owners put marketing projects on the back burner because they just don't have the time to find and write the right words. Smart business owners realize that tomorrow's customers come from today's marketing - and hire a pro to get effective articles, press releases, website content, videos, and autoresponders that make them proud... and profitable. It's been my honor to work with some of the biggest names in online marketing - Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing, Eben Pagan (presented on "Get Ignition" and "Traffic School"), projects for Mark Joyner, Matt Gill (Traffic Siphon and Trafficology), Chris Marentis, and others. My firm has also been a major contributor to Nitro's Local Business Money Machine - and is a proud member of the Local Internet Marketers Association.

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Guru's Escrow system is an excellent way to protect both of us - especially during our first project together. Essentially, you pay Guru, Guru holds the funds, you get your completed project, then you request Guru to release the funds. Because this system works so well, unless you have an extensive record of prompt payments, I require new clients to pay through the Escrow system.

Also, I highly recommend Guru's e-check payment system. It saves you money by allowing you to accumulate loyalty dollars, and it also saves me the expense of credit card or Paypal processing fees. A win for everyone!

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Typically I check email 2-3 times per weekday, and will respond immediately to your requests at those times. While I may check messages during the weekend, most often your request will be answered on Monday morning.

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