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Lynda Forman, Lynda Forman LLC

Guru has been a place where I can feel safe and secure in meeting new clients, as well as a site where I have developed my skills by working on a variety of projects. I'm extremely satisfied with Guru and I look forward to working with Guru clients for many years to come.

Guru is a great marketplace and we find it to be a great place to find qualified buyers. As a web & mobile app development company, we have been able to gain a good customer base and have created many successful projects. We are glad to be a part of

Guru, which we used from day one of Regulus IT, is sort of a founding member of RIT. It's been almost 5 years since we started using Guru and we are very happy with its services and facilities. is the foundation of my business, and has also helped develop long-term clients, creative and challenging opportunities, and lasting friendships. Thank you, Guru!

Manish Patel, with Rambus Systems

I am a satisfied Freelancer who's grown in life and achieved my goals using Guru services for more than 10 years.

Thomas Sheridan Business tripled once I got started on Guru. So many conversations now start with, "I saw you guys on Guru". I love it. We have become a mini rock star with our profile on Guru. Before Guru our clients were 98% local, now it is surprising if they are on the same continent. This is an amazing tool.

Kathleen Krueger

Thank you for helping me achieve freelance freedom! Guru isn't the only freelance site I use, but it is the best! The clients I have found on Guru have been those who are looking for quality writing and reliability. They pay well and on time. I am making more, in less hours, than I was at my office job, plus I love what I do. Thanks for making it so easy.

Rusty Fischer Year in and year out, consistently provides me with dozens of qualified leads and has helped make my dream of becoming a full-time freelance writer a proven reality.

Jan Manon Your system enabled me to first launch my own company in VT, when work here was scarce. I have learned so much and been able to work with great clients and grow. Thank you so much.

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