1099-MISC Tax Forms Available Now

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Starting today you can view your 1099-MISC form to get started on your tax filing.

You will receive a 1099-MISC form only if you:

  • Received payment from an employer who uses Guru’s free 1099 service;
  • Received payments through Guru totaling $600 or more in 2015;
  • Completed a W-9 form with a valid U.S. social security number (SSN); and
  • Reside within the United States.

View My 1099-MISC Form

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  1. Carol Cooke Reply

    How do I get the 1099 for a guru I used? I cannot tell if a 1099 was generated for the transaction. I have not heard back from her to see if she received one from you. If you did not issue one, is it my responsibility? If so, does the 1099 go to or the freelancer?

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