Carley Arelt

When Carley Arelt found herself newly single, taking care of three boys, and needing to be financially independent, she decided to try freelancing. We’ll be following Carley along her freelance journey to share the ups and downs with you. We hope that you will chime in with any helpful advice or encouragement along the way!

Meet Carley…

Tell us a little bit about you. Why freelance?
I am a recently divorced single mom of three young boys.  I haven’t worked outside of the home, except for retail, in over 10 years.  I have a limited income consisting of child support and really would like to find a way to become financially independent without having to sacrifice most of my salary to daycare and/or lose out on time at home with the boys.

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is not being able to make ends meet for my family and myself.

What is your highest hope?
That I will be able to earn an income that can support my family and at the same time, learn new things and challenge myself.

Carley Arelt's sons - Alex, Henry and Ben

Alex, Henry, and Ben


What services will you be marketing as a freelancer?
I am not sure yet, actually.  I have been using some of the skills tests on Guru to see what my strengths are.  Data entry, customer service, etc.  I have browsed some ads and see a need for help with social media sites: Twitter, Skype, Yahoo Chat which I have experience with, so that is a possibility too.  So I really am just at the beginning of this adventure.  🙂

What sites are you using to find freelance work?
So far I have started out with and Guru.

Do you have anyone you look up to as a freelancing role model?
No, but if anyone would like to mentor me; I would welcome it!!!

In three months, what do you foresee in terms of your freelance career?
Well, I like to try and set realistic goals for myself.  I find that goals are easier to achieve if you are realistic about your situation, your starting point, and your ultimate goal.  So having said that, in 3 months if I am making half of what I would like to be earning at the end, I will be over the moon.  However, if in 3 mos. I have made some contacts and have successfully juggled all my responsibilities as a freelancer and mother and over all CEO of my household, I will be satisfied and will have the drive to continue.

Check out Carley’s Guru profile and drop her a note!

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