Accepting a job is a little bit like entering into a marriage. As with any relationship, communication is key, and if you want a ‘happily ever after’, you need to set expectations up front.

Now that we’ve rolled out our improved payment system, agreements are more powerful than ever. They lay the foundation for everything that happens once you’ve been hired, from how your employers are billed to how quickly you get paid.

Your agreement is a contract between you and your employer. Make sure it includes all of the payment terms you want. After all, you decide whether you require a minimum SafePay balance, and how long your employer has to pay your invoices. We’re simply mediators, making sure work is funded and paid for according to your terms.

How does an agreement ensure you get paid on time?

We will automatically charge your employer if they don’t hold true to their word. This means funding SafePay when the required minimum balance is not met, and paying invoices when the employer is late.

So the next time you accept a job, set yourself up for a successful client relationship with an agreement.

Want to learn more? Read “Freelancers Guide to New Agreements”.

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  1. Stephen Datlon

    I sent a proposal and the employer accepted my proposal in an email, but doesn’t understand how to proceed. I would like to send him an agreement so all he has to do is accept and fund safepay. How can I do that? Thank you.


    • Jake

      Hi Steven, when you send an agreement through the site the employer should receive an email which will contain a link to accept the agreement. After they accept the agreement the system will prompt them to fund SafePay. You may want to direct him to this URL to contact us directly if he has specific questions:

  2. Gabriele

    I had an agreement with the Guru, but he didn’t deliver anything like agreed, without letting me know that he wasn’t able to do the job, also he didn’t let me know from his side, I chased him.
    I got a refund, that wasn’t the problem but:
    now I don’t know how to close the case, how to get the knot untied.
    Meantime safepay is sending money forwards and backwards which is very confusing, not even sure what all the messages mean.
    I have asked the Guru to close the case as I really don’t have a clue how to do this, really tried to find an answer here on Guru but so far without success.
    I also don’t have any other work for him, so I really would like to stop this connection.
    Can you HELP???

  3. Pat

    That’s too bad your contractor wasn’t honest with you. When I’ve gotten a job and discovered it was beyond my ken, I always backed out. Hope this experience doesn’t sour you on contractors; there are plenty of us, who have integrity and don’t want to ever send a client substandard work.

    • Singh

      hey mate,
      I’m new here, and wanted to know what one should do If the project they are hired for is is beyond their capability.
      hope to listen back from you, take care

  4. Jacques

    Hi there,

    I funded a safepay for a freelancer hired to create a design. What they gave me was so amateurish that I informed them we cannot continue. They didn’t follow directions as provided in the job post and the quality of work is so poor that even with extensive guidance there is no way they could do the work.

    What are my options to get my money back from safepay?

  5. Annkur Kumar

    Hi all, i am a freelancer post production professional. I am new to guru. Graphic design and photo retoching are the skill to name a few. Can anyone suggest or help in creating a general agreement for future proposals.

    Thanks in advance,
    Annkur Kumar

  6. Sheila

    I need to know if Guru can help me with a client that will not pay? I’ve requested he add funds to his account, texted and emailed with him. I even offered to let him pay outside of Guru and he has yet to pay me. I understand Guru would just take the money if he had any money in Safepay but as of now he does not. How can Guru help me get the money he owes me?

  7. T Foster

    Hey Guru Community,
    I’m new here:
    1) How are employers supposed to pay when they hire you?
    2) Am I supposed to send a W9 form to the employer after they hire me?
    Thanks you guys.


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