Say goodbye to spam messages and fragmented communication from employers!

Here’s what’s new:

No More Unsolicited Messages

You will no longer receive messages that don’t have something to do with a job posted on To contact you, employers must invite you to apply for a job. This reduces the chances that you will be contacted by spammers and people looking for free advice.

Instant New Job Invites

Before, we didn’t collect much information from employers trying to contact you. Now, we collect all of their job information from within your profile. An employer clicks to get a quote from you and posts their job without ever leaving your profile, decreasing the chances that the employer will keep looking for the services you’re offering.

Easier Rehire Process

Because we’re collecting job information from within your profile, we’ve now made it easy for your past employers to rehire you for new jobs. The job will show up on your dashboard, complete with a description of the work that needs to be done. As always, you have the option to message the employer for more information before accepting or declining the job.

But, employers won’t hire you unless you show up in search. Make sure your profile is current and full of industry and skill-specific keywords.

Try your new profile today, and see!

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  1. Toni

    Somehow can you make employers more accountable and professional with their job descriptions. Or make their input requirements better. I show a job about a month ago and the description read “marketing.” Not even a capital “M.” When asked for more detail got no reply. Sadly some people sent quotes in. They should be required to write a sentence, and define what they want, when they want it, and perhaps, the industry and product should be a mandatory input box. Just a suggestion, but some of these jobs are weak at best.

  2. Sunil

    Yes, Its a good idea to check clients who communicate with contractors just to get knowledge from contractors or to collect some information.

  3. Sunil

    I request to show contractor’s tested skills just above the services. At first look on contractor’s profile he can find the difference among others without scrolling.

    • Sirisha

      Please encourage the new comers also so that the employers will get the work fast done

  4. Dhirendra

    Hi, Thanks for information.

    I found that some employer just posting fake job, i applied for one employer and i dint get any reply after few days i found that same person has again posted same job. So i am loosing faith on guru, i am confused guru posting these face job or what ?

    But its panin when we but credit here applying for job that is not true.

    So i suggest guru, please filter these kind of job posting and also make a alert system that give information about job that we had apply if client awarding to someone else or cancel.Thanks


  5. Logan

    This is good stuff. We are legitimate freelancers and we need support to find legitimate employers.


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