When you post a project on Guru.com, you open your door to a broad marketplace of talented Freelancers, eager to send you their quotes. While this method is fast and easy, the positive response and sheer volume of results can be overwhelming.

Carefully considering each of the basic elements of your project posting will present a good image to the Freelancers and you will receive higher quality quotes. Invest some time in your project, and you will be rewarded with quality quotes.


With nearly 10,000 projects posted on Guru.com each month, your project’s title is paramount in making your project stand out. A specific, succinct project title is most likely to draw Freelancers to your listing. Good examples include “Menu redesign,” “Tax advisor for small business,” “English to Spanish textbook translation,” and “Shopping cart for retail site.”


Your project description is where you describe everything about your project. A precise description will give the Freelancers a better view of your needs and enable them to produce a quality bid for your project that includes a cost and time estimate.

Project descriptions should include:

  • What work is needed
  • Some background on your organization and the reason for the project
  • When the project must be started and finished
  • The size of the project, i.e. five webpages, 10,000 words, or three photographs

Avoid including sensitive information. Withhold that information until you’ve narrowed your pool. You may then require the Freelancer to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


You may upload up to 2 MB of files to augment the project description. If you want a logo for your business, use this feature to upload examples. This will give Freelancers a sense of the direction in which the project should move.


One great advantage to hiring a Freelancer is its relatively moderate expense. To some extent, though, it’s true that “you only get what you pay for” and offering too low a rate may result in poor applicant and work quality. You can enter an estimated total project budget when posting your project. This estimated amount will give the Freelancers a clear idea of the payout in relation to the work requested.

Determine a fair price for your project, while remaining within your comfortable budget using these tips.

  • Call firms that offer the service you need. Just as you would call several plumbers to obtain a price estimate on leaky pipes, you should compare work rates when searching for Freelancers.
  • Check with friends, colleagues, or members of your Guru.com Network who have hired Freelancers for similar projects. How much did they pay? Were they satisfied with the results?
  • Research professional organizations to determine the going rate for the type of Freelancer you seek.

Your project posting is not only an outline of the work you need done, but also a portrayal of the perfect person or vendor for the job. Be detailed about the work your project entails, and include your ideal candidate’s qualifications.

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Joe Wilson

Customer Experience


  1. Monika

    The above post is clear and helpful though I feel a bit disappointed with Guru being a bit too choosy.

    I want(ed) to switch to Guru from its competitors because $1-2/hr (functionally illiterate) bidders somewhat eroded both earnings and client expectations. Being a fair player I didn’t hide the fact that I am living in Eastern Europe, so in the hope to become eligible for bidding I upgraded to Guru in the first 10 minutes.

    … and as I gradually narrowed down the search for projects that I am eligible to apply for – the number of open projects in my profession dropped from 4.271 to 113, 24 posted during the last week. That seems to be a khm, very thin stream of admin support projects.

    I won’t elaborate on ethics, this is a business for $$ only, but on the long run it may be important to find a better balance between keeping quality of labour supply high and treating a global community (in this case admin gurus) equally.

    • Sheree

      I feel the same way…Guru is a bit choosy and I understand why…competition is tough. A lot of people need work in the Internet business due to unemployment or they just have a lot of hours staying home doing nothing…so why not check the internet and see where we can find extra dollars, right?

      As soon as I have the funds, I will upgrade and see if things are going to get better. I am starting to build my own website..I still have a lot to learn and thanks to Guru, I am learning a lot from their website.


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