Stacy Norman

Product Support

Helping folks around the world get work and build businesses is more than Stacy ever dreamed she would do. Having joined the company in 2002 as a customer service representative, Stacy’s career has grown with Today, in addition to overseeing User Support operations, she takes on whatever role is necessary to get the job done. She has acted as functionality historian and subject matter expert, assisted with process improvements and management, content management and business requirements documentation. She also calls the landlord when the heater breaks and Ismail is too cold to work.

Stacy obtained both of her degrees while working full time. She holds an undergraduate degree in Information Systems Management from Robert Morris University, as well as an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Outside of work, Stacy enjoys spending time with the neighborhood kids, playing, helping with homework and teaching life lessons. She also enjoys going to the gym, not so much to be healthy, but rather so she can eat whatever she wants. She believes life is too short for diets. She also dreams of traveling the world. On her list of places to visit are Egypt, India, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, and Switzerland. She plans on retiring in Italy, unless one of the other places she visits is more appealing.

Fun fact: When she was a kid, Stacy was fascinated with her freckles. She one time tried to "connect the dots" with a permanent ink marker. Contrary to popular belief, permanent ink does wash off. It just takes a few years.

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