auto-accept job offers

We’re happy to say we’ve just eliminated a hurdle gurus faced during the hiring process. Let us auto-accept job awards for you, so you can get started on new jobs faster!

Simply submit a quote and set a time frame within which you want the system to automatically accept for you. If that date has come and gone and you’re still negotiating with the employer, no worries — you can change the date at any time.

Take a look at even more improvements we have in the works for next month!

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  1. Anthony Krauch

    This seems like it would be interesting to try out. Although, I can already see potential problems, such as, it may accept a job from a rude client which will result in a higher likelihood of a dispute being filed for that job. So, your dispute statistics may go up.

    • septonius

      Looks to be a great feature..but there are some bugs in it, as others have mentioned. That said, let’s test it out

      • Anna

        Yes, and please do send over any glitches you find or suggestions you have! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve!

  2. Ken Gondry

    Hi, Help!

    I have been inundated with gurus to develop my website. How can I choose the right guru for the job? Are there scammers out there?

    Kind Regards,


  3. Swagata Bhattacharyya

    I hope there’s an option to turn this off. If I don’t set anything it won’t automatically accept everything on my behalf, right? Apart from the money and time frame, job description is a primary factor in deciding if the freelancer wants to take up the task or not. I personally will not be comfortable accepting a job without reading what needs to be done.

  4. Hilal Uddin


    This is a good idea , but if there is some more addition in it . it would be much safe for both client and contractors.

    The client must deposit some percentage of actual amount of the project like 10-15% , or if it is hourly job , he/she deposit for few hour etc.

    If in case of noncompeting project or raising dispute or else , this will save both Guru, and contractor from wasting time and energy.



  5. sagar

    It is nice, can you please also make Android app of Guru.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Sakil

    Good job. Number one quality service. I hope you will achieve your target. I really like your work services and web design also. I am already bookmarked your site. Thanks

  7. gsc

    Definitely forward thinking, proactive; post clear T&C for buyers- as a must-read first and agree check-box.

    • Anna

      Thanks for the feedback.

      To clarify, by “auto-accept” we mean that, if an employer selects to hire a freelancer after reviewing their quote, then the freelancer doesn’t have to do anything else to be officially “hired”. Today, they still have to accept the job award before the work room is opened.

      Once the freelancer is officially hired, they have the opportunity to create an agreement that will determine the exact terms of their work arrangement and set up auto-billing and payment.


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