Starting Friday employers will be able to delay the automatic payment of milestone invoices backed by SafePay funds. This is useful if more time is needed to review your work, or if you fall behind schedule. Instead of opening a dispute to stop the payment, your employer can delay Auto-Pay for 7 days at a time.

So, how do you make sure you get paid for your work?

We’re giving you the power to lock the Auto-Pay date. If your employer extends an invoice’s Auto-Pay date, it will show up on your dashboard. You can disable further delays so your employer must either pay or dispute the invoice.

Auto-Pay delay popup on the dashboard

Make sure you lock an invoice’s Auto-Pay date once you’ve completed and delivered the work. View all of your invoices to see which are set up for Auto-Pay.

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  1. Cesar gallardo

    Very displeased with the new way of guru doing business. In the past we were able to feel confident with safe pay. When a job was awarded the pro working on it made it a priority to get it done so they can be paid. Now I posted a job , funded safe pay and pro has been paid without work being completed. It is now a low priority and all I have left to do is leave a bad feedback or wait until the guy decides to finish If he even does. I don’t see myself using guru much longer even though i have been faithful customer for many years.

    • Andrew

      I don’t know do they even read all our complains or not but fact is that customers and pro unhappy with all this new guru policy.
      Today i have finished a project and created an invoce and get next reply from the client:
      “I don’t know how to do that on guru, can’t find pay button”
      Now guru become very uncomfortable and time wasting.

  2. Anthonyk747

    I don’t know… this seems like it could lead to further arguments and disputing, rather than agreements and a happy workplace environment. I mean, after all, they did agree the first time in the initial Agreement to pay within x amount of days – whether that be 7, 14, or 28, you, both the employer and client, agreed that this was fair.

    Freelancers have bills to pay that aren’t “optional payments”, so, technically, employers should have bills to pay that also aren’t “optional payments”. Because that’s what this change is telling me. It’s telling me that employers/clients can “optionally” pay that bill on that date or on a later date.

  3. Tammy

    If I miss a deadline I get penalized. My ratings go down, or a project may not be paid for. Employers shouldn’t be late in making payments especially if the freelancer isn’t delayed in submitting the work.

    Bad business practice.

  4. Meme

    I agree Anthony. I think this just gives more power to the employer not to pay and it will lead to more disputes. Sites like these should protect freelancers more than employers since we are the ones who suffer regardless of who initiates disputes.

  5. Andrew

    Completelly agree with Anthonyk747, this new Safe Pay system is stupid, previous one was super comfortable and i was asking a new clients, that i get outside, work with this service, but since this changes are happend i tend to use or because this services has more easy and friendly payment systems.
    Really disappointed with all this new “improvements”. Seems team has an aim kill this service.
    It’s now just a words and my own opinion, i just use a facts and i see that several years ago guru was one of the leading service and now i can see that is growing fast and guru just add stupid adjustments that slow down work process.

  6. Laura Anne

    I would like to be able to invoice on my terms. I get a deposit before I even start working. And when the client approves the final design I get the remaining contract amount BEFORE the client gets final high res files. Payment due upon receipt. Not 7 days later!
    Now I have to either use a PLACEHOLDER bid (which makes me look like an idiot and doesn’t display my bid amount to the employer), or use one of Gurus options.


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