In the next few weeks you’ll notice a new overview page in your work room. Here you can quickly provide status updates to your employer and monitor the progress of your job.

Update your milestone progress meter as you work on a fixed-price job to show how close you are to completion.

Monitor how much time each member of your team is spending on their tasks for hourly jobs each week.

Regularly check the payment status of each milestone or work week, and send invoices to make sure your work is funded.

Look for the new overview page Jan. 8.

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  1. diana

    it looks great! good update for a new version. old verision now I din’t see any status.


  2. Valerie Woelk

    New system seems to work fine EXCEPT for…. this setup does not allow for a partial or progress billing on a milestone.
    I billed for half of a milestone and found that the system adjusted the total amount of the milestone down to what I had billed, and placed the remaining amount in limbo inside the Safepay funding account.
    The balance then was unable to be billed for the remaining half (or 100%) of that milestone line amount without creating another milestone “new” and billing through it.


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