On Jan. 8 we’re updating our work room tools to make it easier to manage and pay your gurus. These improvements will also pave the way for a shiny new payment system. But more on that later!

Agreements Become More Powerful

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A new agreement form will make it even easier to set expectations, preventing disputes and keeping your job on track. Control when you pay, what you agree to pay, and how often you receive status updates.



A More Flexible SafePay

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Rather than receiving multiple SafePay requests from your gurus, you will have one SafePay account per guru, per job. Use SafePay to build trust and keep your job on track. Add the entire amount required for each guru up front, or add just enough to fund their next steps. The choice is yours!



Increased Payment Protection for Hourly Jobs

Hourly SafePay Protection icon

You will receive weekly invoices for the number of hours you agreed to pay. Pay only for the maximum hours you agree to per week, knowing your payment is secured through SafePay.



Invoice Auto-Pay

Invoice auto-pay icon

Let us take care of invoices for you! When you use SafePay to fund a guru’s work, you are set up for auto-pay. You’ll receive an invoice and can review the work before it is paid. If the work does not meet your expectations, you can stop auto-pay by disputing the invoice.


Look for more blog posts about each of these updates over the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to comment below.

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