People are working together online more than ever, and we’re focused on continuously improving the collaboration experience. Today, we’re excited to share a few updates coming March 21st that will make it even easier to work with your team in the Guru Work Room.

Chat room

No more waiting for messages to come through. Chat in real time as you work, and create as many chat streams as you need to organize your discussions the way you want.

Task management

We’ve enriched the task management system by integrating messaging and file sharing. Organize your messages and files in the context of each task for easy access and a richer content experience.


Private and public file folders

We’ve made it easier for you to organize and share your files in the work room. Shortlist files you need quick access to in your private folder, and even rename the files however you want for easy reference.screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-6-14-45-pm


We’re always open to suggestions or feedback, so if you have any please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Nadeem

    Hi Anna,
    i am really excited about Chat in real time system but if you add additional system by to see ‘message read by user’or ‘message seen by user’ or any than it will be more attractive and useful.
    Thanks and Regards

  2. Majid Bagheri

    Awesome. Thanks a lot. This is exactly what I was looking for. Chat and file sharing.

  3. Ryszard Jędraszyk

    Looking forward to seeing the changes, the real-time chat was really needed.

    As for file attachments, I would opt for implementing more liberal policy. At the moment in 1/3 of my bids I’m explaining to potential clients how they can upload .xlsm files (Excel macro files), by compressing it to .zip, because in job post they write that they were not able to upload this file. Good user experience? I guess not.

  4. Great going! Excited about chat.

    Quite some interesting developments, can’t wait! Kudos.

  5. Mihir

    An Awesome feature, was waiting for guru to update it. I feel this portal has more potential than any in this freelancing world.

    Mihir G

  6. Anurag Thapa

    Hi All Management Team,
    It’s good improvement but , we need improvement in other primary features which is most important like – easy payment terms(safe pay, release payment), more easy UI-UX will be need here. I lost some work because of not understanding and facing problem of website by employer. They want to work with me but website experience doesn’t make it. Hope you understand my concerns and I hope there will be some good improvement come through in near future.
    Anurag Thapa

  7. Mohamad Vashim

    Looks really good hope this will be flexible for clients and freelancers for communication and making the contract success thanks.

  8. Toni

    This is a nice tool and needed. However why doesn’t Guru add better screening on the employers side so freelancers can get better and serious opportunity. Why not make it mandatory to select an industry, a product or service, require at least 100 words to describe the project, etc. etc. that would help before we even get to the work room. Thanks.

  9. Anas

    I agree with Mr.Toni in addition to Mr. Toni’s comment (employers side) some employers just posting a JOB but they do not hire anyone and the job get closed, it should not be like that if one JOB posted then its supposed to be mandatory to hire a Guru, because all the Quotes submitted by gurus getting waste or at least those kind of Quotes should be Reusable on a new JOB


  10. Tcs Infotech

    It is really great tool. Now no more waiting for reply from client.

  11. Brochester L

    need quick slack migration for the time being slack isn’t sufficient. also secure time and designated access modulous for sharing to the public venues securely thanks all the same.

  12. doyere

    Yes I totally agree with you Toni on this one.So that we could know what type of employers to work for and more seriously than the ones who are not.Hope it will serve as a way to implement better work options.Thank you.

  13. Brilliant Chiran

    This is a nice and helpful tools. This workroom made easier communication

  14. Victor

    So many supposed job owners post jobs here then demand a freelancer contact them via Skype…

    I think Guru should restrict that, all communications and job/payment exchange should be done here.

    Thank you.


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