Whatever your case is, we feel freelancers should be able to bill with flexibility. We have dropped our $25.00 minimum invoice restriction completely to simplify the way you bill employers. Now, you can send an invoice for ANY amount you want and your employer can use their SafePay or Cash Account to pay.

Our goal is to provide you with a simple platform that remains open to accommodate the way you want to work. This is another step in that direction.

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  1. Tawhidur Rahman Dear

    It will be the main reason of income decrease, for both Freelancers and Guru

    • Amie

      Not necessarily, it just means that you can give an estimate of what you will take for each article or whatever. Then you can discuss more terms after you both have agreed to certain things.

  2. Anomla Technologies

    No you can’t say that. This is the flexibility to create any invoice of any amount to take or receive payment. Suppose you have bid for $90 and you have decided the project with employer for $100 then how can you take that $10 more.

  3. LB

    Hopefully it won’t fill an otherwise great site with 3.00 projects, which we all pay for. You get unprofessional providers working for 3/hr providing sub-par work, which reflects on you as well of those of us who are professionals, which in turn decreases income and increases the expectation of buyers that they can get this from actually pros. I saw this happen with a currently defunked site 🙂
    But I like Guru, SO glad I kicked UW to the curb.

  4. Steve Calvert

    I agree Tawhidur. I saw a project posted the other day and the client wanted two high quality articles per week and was only willing to pay $2 a piece. I’ve seen some laughable projects posted here before, but that one takes the biscuit. Here’s the kicker: 15 people had already bid on it. I found a lot of clients with Elance, but I’ve never found a single one with Guru and I’m beginning to think the sites a joke.

  5. Cindy Calzone

    I think this is a great idea!!! There are some projects from already established customers of mine that don’t warrant a $25.00 charge. I am fair when I price, I don’t gouge. I get a lot of repeat work because of this. If you are a freelancer for the oodles of money you can make, you are in the wrong business. A simple letter should not cost $25.00, and this is why I get repeat business and then they tell their friends and their friends have contacted me through Guru and hired me.
    Good Going Guru!!

  6. Laura Anne

    I agree. It cheapens our industry. There are a ton of Gurus that will work for almost nothing, and now they have an advantage over us who have worked hard for many years (who have paid off thousands in student loans).
    You get what you pay for….

    PS. I also have a beef with the new bidding system. It has taken away my control on how I manage my awarded projects. And how I get paid. All of my bids now appear as “placeholder” bids. I have since noticed a huge decrease in my awarded projects.

  7. Kim

    I agree with Tawhidur, this will basically attract very low-level freelancers and very low-level clients.


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