Coming soon to a desk or laptop near you! It’s a new, souped-up Work Room that lets you monitor, collaborate, communicate and share. A virtual one-stop-shop for all project activity.

New Guru Work Room

You’re the boss

Quickly review all recent project activity on the new Work Room Overview page. At a glance you’ll see what’s due and overdue to keep your project on cruise control.

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Employers, Rate the keepers

Employer’s, some Freelancers you like? Assign your own rating to Freelancer’s quotes to zero in on the right person for the job.

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Discussions on Guru

Discuss projects online

Use Discussions to keep everyone in the loop. You can even exchange files with Discussions and we’ll automatically store them on your Files tab.

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Milestones & Tasks on Guru

Milestones & Tasks track results

Is your project on track? Do you want to take the reins? Define broad milestones and detailed tasks!

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File Share on Guru

Manage Files in style

Guru is moving you into more spacious file space. More as in an incredible 1 GB for each project. We’ll even track file versions for you.

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Starting March 25, you’re going to love using Guru’s new Work Room to manage your projects from start to finish. We already do!

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  1. Joan

    What happens to the workroom after the project is completed? How do we “close” it?


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