recurring billing - coins in front of a clock

You always wanted more control over billing. Starting October 25th, you’ll have it.

Get paid weekly, every other week, monthly, or quarterly for various parts of any given job. You’ll have the option to add up to four recurring payment rules. When it’s time for you to get paid, we’ll send out the invoices for you.

This is just one more way we’re helping you set the terms of how you get paid.

We want to hear from you! If you have any ideas for how we can improve, leave us a comment below.

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  1. Anthony

    Hm. While this is cool and all, I don’t think that “Quarterly” should even exist as an option! 1) Your bills are not paid quarterly. 2) Freelancing is known for cheap clients to attempt to pay people with a 90-day wait time or not in full. I hate the idea of you guys supporting this manner of lack of care for Freelancers. I’d highly recommend removing the “Quarterly” option, A.S.A.P.!


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