Starting early next year, we will be offering 1GB of storage space per project, up from 100MB offered today. To help make room, data from inactive projects will be deleted.

Currently, project data is stored in workrooms and on message boards, helping you easily find the data you need for projects. However, if payment hasn’t been made on these projects in the last two years, this data will be removed.

What data will be deleted?

For inactive projects, we will delete:

  • Documents in Workrooms / File Share
  • Messages in message boards
  • Attachments to messages in message boards

Which projects will be affected?

Inactive projects will be defined as those projects that have not had a financial transaction take place in over two years.

Financial transactions are defined as:

  • A paid invoice
  • A deposit into escrow
  • A release from escrow

What can you do to protect your old data?

We encourage you to download all files for inactive projects to prevent the loss of data files.

Starting early next year, we will be removing old data to make room for more storage space per project.

We welcome your feedback and comments.

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