As an Employer, when you post a project, you can add team members to help you manage the project. Those team members then become a part of your Project Team. Here’s what you need to know when working with a Project Team in the Work Room.

What can Coordinators do?

Coordinators manage only the projects assigned to them. They can upload work and discuss ideas and issues with the Project Team members. Include Coordinators to keep work on track.

What can Managers do?

Managers oversee projects from start to finish. Managers can use all Work Room tools for all projects, and they can see time tracked by all team members. Managers can handle the business end of things while you focus on doing the work you love.

What can Administrators do?

Administrators can use all Work Room tools for all projects, as well as pay Freelancers. Administrators can act as your right hand man, overseeing billable hours and issuing payments.

Who is the Project Manager?

Anybody on the Freelancer or Employer side can be designated the Project Manager. Only the Project Manager can create milestones and delete files.

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