Just a friendly reminder that 1099 Service Reports are available to review. If your 1099 Report requires a correction, please notify Guru by this Monday, January 13 at 5 pm (ET).

If you paid one or more Freelancers through Guru in 2013 and you opted into Guru’s free 1099 service, you can now review your complimentary 1099 Report online.

You are not obligated to share the information in your 1099 Report with the IRS. However, on January 15, we will submit the information to the IRS and to the Freelancers on your behalf.

To view your 1099 Report:

  1. Log into your Guru.com account.
  2. On your Dashboard, find the “Payments & Feedback” section near the bottom.
  3. Click the “1099 Reports” link.
  4. Click the “2013 Report” link.

Guru.com provides 1099 Service Reports as a courtesy to Employers. Learn how to subscribe

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    • Anna

      Jon, to view your 1099 report you need to click ‘Pay’ in the header, click the ‘Expense Reports’ tab, and you should see “View 2014 Report”. Please let me know if you don’t see it. We explained that we need any corrections by today at 5pm EST here.


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