Choosing quotes just got easier

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rate the quotes you receive from Freelancers? Starting March 25, you can! Identifying the keepers just got easier.

Quotes for Employees
In your new Work Room under your Quotes tab, you’ll find a new feature called “My Quote Rating.” We are leaving it up to you to assign a rating to your quotes, on a scale of 1 to 5. Rate the quotes that stand out above the rest a 5 so you can filter through your favorites. We are even introducing notes. This will let you write your own personal note about each quote.

Ready to further refine your quotes to find the best? Sort your quotes by the ratings you’ve assigned. Review the quotes and simply click the “Award Project” button to hire a Freelancer, and we’ll automatically add that person to your new Work Room Team page.

Starting March 25, save yourself time during quote selection. When you rate your quotes, you’ll quickly filter through your favorites!

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