For some time, you’ve been giving us great feedback to improve existing features and add new ones. Well, we’ve been listening and we are excited to reveal the changes!

Not only have we added new features to the Guru website; we have revamped the entire Guru model based on your recommendations. To pave the way for this exciting shift, we moved our operation to Amazon’s Cloud in February. While that road was bumpy, things have settled and we’re ready to move forward.

In the next few weeks you’ll see the first of many roll-outs. This first step will make it easier for you to build teams and collaborate. Over the next 6-8 months, look for an improved project management experience and better ways to connect with and evaluate other Employers and Freelancers.

In the meantime, we’ll be staying in closer contact. We’ll update the blog regularly and stay in touch via email and social media to keep you informed on what is coming next. Thanks for your continued support. We know you’ll love the new features coming to! Stay tuned…

Comments/suggestions? Please feel free to leave them below!

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  1. Marcus

    You weren’t specific on the new features we should expect and when to expect it.

    • Anna

      Hi Marcus,
      While we can’t get too specific at the moment, soon we will announce the details. Expect the first set of new features in the next 3 weeks. Thanks for your support!

  2. Bobbi Jo Woods

    That’s good news, thanks. It did seem a bit slow and clunky over the winter. Hopefully the new cloud server has helped with that.

  3. Tim Smith

    Great, I hope there will be online feature,every employer and freelancer can see whether they are online or offline.

  4. Patricia

    ONE PROFILE THAT ALLOWS ME TO BID ON ANY PROJECTS!!!!!!! your categories are way too arbitrary and limited – I would need 6 profiles to cover my expertise.

    Also – make it more obvious where to go to look at my messages – it used to be easy to find.

  5. Anna

    Hi Patricia,
    We are working on both of the things you mention…hopefully you will be happy with the changes!

  6. Marcus

    I have been waiting for the multi-user feature, hopefully that is what you meant by building a team. I hope to come back to GURU once this has been released.


  7. Kristen

    I so hope some of the changes are an easier way to manage invoices – perhaps a search invoice feature – it is soooo hard to try and find a past invoice for a specific client right now.

  8. Ram

    Hello Anna,

    Thanks for updating the details and looking existed for the new features/enhancements.
    I have one suggestion to add,that is for software testing/software QA -there is no option or skill to create a profile for only software testing.
    So could you please consider this point?
    Wish you all the best.


    • Anna

      Hi Ram,

      Thank you for your suggestion.
      In the near future, you won’t need a profile for each category, and categories won’t matter as much as the skills you market on our site. We will provide more information on this soon.

  9. Shashikant Singh

    Allow us to change categories. I did the payment yesterday thinking i an always change the category later. My money got wasted. I am a 3D artist and applying for 3D jobs. What a sin.

    • Anna

      I understand your frustration. Soon, categories won’t be an issue as we change the way Freelancers can market themselves…stay tuned as these big changes are coming in the Fall!

      • Shashikant Singh

        Hi Anna,

        Well that will be awesome. Thanks.

        As you suggested categories wont be an issue in the future and I really appreciate but yesterday I created one more profile under graphic design & multimedia thinking i can just hide or disable my other profile but i was unable to and its really frustrating to pay for each profile. I want to and actually have to pay for my new profile under graphic design and multimedia. What to do now? Should i pay for it or avoid as you said changes are on its way.

        And yes it will be better if you can just put 3D Animation/CG in a better industry categories like Entertainment Design or Digital Production etc. 3D animation was never a part of graphic design anyway.

  10. Mehedee

    I feel bother to use Guru. All things are awkward. Under each contract we should see all activities…..Plz see Odesk, Elance you will get great concept how smooth there…..

    I was using time Tracker. I confused how I can stop the time track. So much inconvenient.

    Guru takes charge more but Website function is not satisfied like others Odesk, Elance.

    Look forward to getting new feature so that we can work easily.

    • Anna

      Thank you for your feedback. We have many improvements to haw projects are managed as well as the profiles themselves. Please keep visiting the blog to learn about these new features.

  11. Shashikant

    I just checked that with Guru Membership I am able to create 10 profiles but whats the use of a Guru membership if i paying for each profile i am creating. With every profile i am forced to pay additional money. This is not done. And atleast you should allow users to change the category. And it has many reasons, suppose someone has joined as a X artist and upgraded himself/herself to XX artist within multiple industries then managing all these accounts will be a great deal.

    • Anna

      Soon you will only need one profile, and you will be able to change how you market yourself at any time. It will be much more efficient. Know that a solution is in the works and will be announced this fall.

  12. SEO Nest

    Thanks for changing New update for Guru. It is really looking modern and working well.

    I have request for adding Two Feature so that it will be easyer to work

    1) There need to add a “Custom Payment Schedule Button” to increase Event and Time frame for more than 4 month jobs. If there need Six month jobs then we did not add more payment Schedule with Date. So can you Please add a Custom Payment Schedule Button so that if we need more than 4 month jobs then we can add easily.

    2) Need one Messages Link in Action Panel that I will easy to move Message Board

    Pleae see the link to understand better

    If you add above Two feature as early then it will be better for us

    I hope will prosper more

    SEO Nest

  13. Shashikant Singh

    Dear Anna,

    Also let us create some album categories under work samples. The current layout just sucks. I have just uploaded 5 images and i am burnout. There is no user experience at all. Pls redesign the profile section and make it simple.


  14. Pauline

    I have used Guru and odesk before. I agree with Mehedee that odesk has a simpler used interface. Looking forward to the new


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