Starting December 16, you will be able to leave feedback for the party you worked with, even after Arbitration cases. Just like other feedback instances, you will have 60 days to leave feedback.

Feedback Policy Update

Why are we changing this policy?

Previously, we did not allow parties to leave feedback following an Arbitration case. As a result, some members used Arbitration as a method to simply avoid receiving negative feedback. This change closes this loophole.

Misunderstandings and human errors may at times result in unjustified feedback.  Accordingly, all members can choose to block a small portion of their feedback. If you receive an unjust feedback following an Arbitration case, you can opt to block feedback using your blocking power.

How much blocking power do you have?
Your blocking power is ten percent of your cumulative earnings over the last 12 months, less the value of blocked feedback records. For example:

$100,000 Last 12 month’s earnings
$10,000 Initial blocking power
$1,000 Dollar value of invoices associated with feedback you blocked to date
$9,000 Your remaining blocking power

In this example, you can block any combination of feedback for invoices totaling $9,000.

To view how much blocking power you have:

  1. On the top navigation bar, click “Payments,” and click “Manage Feedback.”
  2. Click ”My Blocking Power” in the left-hand column.

Have questions? Learn more about:
Blocking Feedback

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  1. alex

    Why should there be blocking power? Every feedback should be listed, it allows everyone to see the true quality behind every freelance and employer.

    • Mike

      In a perfect world that would be true. Unfortunately, we do not live in one. In most cases, freelancers and clients use feedback properly. However, sonetimes employers may use the threat of negative feedback to get out of paying for work, to extract additional uncompensated work or simply as punishment. For example, some employers will postpone leaving feedback on previously completed and accepted work until the end of a project, which is an inappropriate use. If a portion of a project has been completed satisfactorily and accepted by the employer then feedback should be given for that portion of the work irrespective of future outcomes.

      • claude

        Sorry I have to disagree with you mike……I have paid up to 10,000 to pros so far….and recently I noticed that the 5 or 6 pros for whom I left bad feedback did not seem to have that feedback. That is when I check on this blocking power thing. Bad Idea! The feedback I left was not just for bad work…but deception.

  2. steve whiteside

    I think if I give someone a bad rateing then they just get pissed and give me a worse one. I find it a bad system and may not use Guru again. I have always had 5’s then I get one bad guru and I get a one, that sucks!!!!!


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