When we introduced the new profile design and condensed categories, the ability to filter by subcategory disappeared from the search page. We realize that this has been a little jarring for some, and we’re working on making the search more intuitive. In the meantime, here are a few tips you can use to find the jobs you want now.

Search With Keywords

Enter a keyword or key phrase specific to the job you want. For example, if you’re looking for a video editing job, enter “video editing” in the search box and then if needed, filter results by category. Search Jobs

Use Quotation Marks

When searching for more than one word, and you want the exact term found, put the words inside of quotation marks. For example, enter “web design” instead of web design. This will prevent you from getting results for both words web and design.

Set Up Saved Searches

Streamline your job hunt by saving searches that match your skills. Conduct independent searches to locate different jobs you want.

Check Your Listed Skills

Project matches are based on the skills you have listed in each of your services. Remove any skills that aren’t directly related to your work. This will make your matches more accurate!

View Project Matches or Edit Services

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  1. Mark

    I have been with Guru pretty much since the beginning (Creative Moonlighter Days!) and I have enjoyed watching this site grow and prosper. I am concerned about the latest round of site improvements. I do not like the fact that all the design, illustration, fine art etc… has all been lumped together under the one heading “Design, art & Multimedia”. It’s much more difficult to browse projects to bid on. I have also noticed a marked decline in the number of illustration, portrait painting and fine art projects to bid upon. Is Guru tracking these type of projects? Is there a better way to invite more people to post these types of projects? I invite comments!

    • Donald

      I agree.
      Since the last change to Guru I’ve not done much work here. Having better luck at Elance, however, they too are monkeying around with their site and making it more difficult. Time is money and trying to find jobs at Guru and Elance are now taking more time, meaning a cut in profits. I too don’t like the bunching you mention, but then I also dislike the fact that some jobs have disappeared altogether, or at least seem to have.


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