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Freelancers, it’s about that time to get started filing your 2016 taxes! If you meet the following conditions, we’ve prepared a 1099-MISC form for you: View or Download your 1099-MISC Form Now

Which freelancers qualify for a 1099-MISC form?

You must meet all of the following conditions to receive a 1099-MISC Form:

  • You received payment from an employer who uses’s free 1099 service
  • You completed a W-9 form with a valid U.S. social security number (SSN)
  • You reside within the U.S. and,
  • You received payments through totaling $600 or more in 2015.

Please contact an accountant or tax firm if you have any questions about your tax filing.

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  1. Jon Carter

    When will the 1099 for 2016 be available?

    It’s not under the ‘1099 tax forms’ tab in my dashboard. I can see previous years but not 2016.


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