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What would be the best way to advertise a brand new pizza restaurant?: Who knew how help this purveyor of pizza? Not me – that’s for sure. Luckily the Guru.com community rose to the task of discussing the best tactics to bring in customers and make money. As for me, I’m left with a hankering for tasty pizza pie.

How to increase number of quotes received?: The field of Freelancers can become quite small in certain specialties. Yet receiving few or no quotes on your project can be a sign that you need to adjust your expectations to match your budget or better communicate your project needs. If you need a second opinion just ask and list your Project ID.

Who owns this site?: It’s no secret that Inder Guglani is Guru.com’s CEO, Founder, Owner, and Chief Sage. He opened the business in 1997 and since then we have been steadily growing under his guidance. I can honestly say that Inder is one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve met. His dedication to building the best marketplace for freelance work is unmatched.

Bring Back The Delete Button On My Proposals Page: Freelancers have rallied for a button to say “Sayonara” to their old proposals instead of sending them to the archives. These are people after my own heart – I too love to delete and store files so I can easily access the ones I need. Delete Power!

How can I be sure that my freelancer is legit?: It can be a scary world out there on the interwebs. With the help of the Guru.com community, we work hard to guard against individuals with deceitful intentions. Kathleen gave some great advice about how to protect yourself: look at Freelancers’ work samples, read the feedback left by other Employers, talk with the Freelancer directly, and pay only after work is completed. Is there something that you would like to add? Don’t be shy and submit your answer too.

It’s wonderful to see the Guru community helping Freelancers and Employers in need of advice! Continue the good work by voting questions and answers up or down. Of course you can really make someone’s day by answering an unanswered question.

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