**Edited 11/8/2013** The new Freelancer profiles will be available to you to start building the week of Nov. 18.


As you know, we planned on releasing the new Guru profiles to Freelancers this month. However, there were some key features we wanted to add and so we decided to hold on a bit longer. One such feature is an easy-to-use dashboard. Take a quick peek and let us know what you think, then leave a comment below!

The dashboard is designed to make it easier for you to seek out opportunities and manage your projects. Two of the most notable new features on the dashboard are:

new freelancer dashboard
The new profiles will be available to you the week of November 11. Don’t worry – we’ll still be retiring the old profiles and releasing the new ones to Employers in December.

Thanks for hanging in there. We’re confident you’ll agree that the new profiles and additional enhancements were well worth the wait!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments you might have below.

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  1. Art Lizza

    Dear Folks,

    While your at it, I think you need to REQUIRE employers to include their city/state/country of origin as a matter of showing good faith and legitimacy. There are too many scammers out there, including one I almost fell for AND called to your attention. It’s time for GURU to join the mounting demand for transparency between employers and freelance vendors AND do as much to protect freelancers as it does to protect employers.
    Art Lizza, Member since 2008

    • Atula Siriwardane

      Yes, I too agree.
      There are employers who try to get free mock ups from one artist for free and take it to another artist and get done for a cheaper amount because he provides a mock up.
      A good mock up is a job half done.
      There must be an easy way to get paid for mock ups
      without going through the whole process
      for just a small mock up.

      Guru can set a time limit for a Mock up project
      which would be closed in a certain period of time,
      which is set by the employer.

    • Connie Smith

      I agree with Art Lizza. There are some who are new to Guru that request services such as Photography for weddings or portraits who do not give location information in the description and have a very small budget. As a photographer, I don’t want to waste my bids on a photography job paying $250 for a project 4000 away.

    • Regina Miller

      I have been trying to find out if a particular name is available? How does one do that?

  2. Charmane

    I think the new dashboard looks very colorful. I am very excited about using the new dashboad. Way to go Guru!!!

  3. Robert

    My comment about the new dashboard is that I can’t even see it with the image you have on this page. Are you giving us a “quick update” so that we can comment on the design? If so, we can’t even read anything on the image.


  4. Heather

    Harder to read than your old site but I can see you have put in a ton of work but it is less useful with things divided up in such a weird way. At least from your description we will have to seehe colors on the page are difficult.

  5. Atula Siriwardane

    Please pay attention to a nice work sample gallery,
    easy to use while uploading and accessing..
    without so many clicks and reloading boxes.
    Single form can collect all the info you need.
    And Editable or replaceable image.
    If there is a counter for views that also can help.
    Think of a larger image, as an option for the viewer.

    • Anna

      Hi Hugo, While there is no such category, you will be able to add that skill (and any others you want) to your profile, your work collections, and your services.

  6. Valerie Woelk

    It looks like improvement, little hard to read.
    I too would like to require employers to put their location, and it would be great to be able to search for projects by state etc… On location work is greatly affected in price by locale.

  7. Sarah W

    I’d really like to see a category for Education (tutoring/training/etc). It doesn’t fit into any of the others very well.

    • Anna

      Hi Sarah,

      We will take this into consideration. In the meantime, while there is no such category, you will be able to add that skill (and any others you want) to your profile, your work collections, and your services.

  8. Aftab Shah

    Its nice to hear that Guru is transforming its display style.
    Make this site clean of spammers and also increase the job quota from basic to all categories.

    • Anna

      Hi Aftab,
      The new profile will allow you to apply to any job in any category, so we hope you find that helpful!

  9. Patty

    Re: “The new profile will allow you to apply to any job in any category” — this is what I have been waiting for – are you on schedule?

    • Anna

      Hi Patty, You will be able to start building your new profile in the upcoming week, and we are still on schedule for releasing the new Freelancer profiles to Employers late Dec-early Jan! We can’t wait to hear what you think!

  10. thinkjon

    I keep wondering about the “cost” for memberships. I am very interested in seeing the new profile and how it will display our work to the public; however, with the change of “no more categories” how does this affect the membership cost?

    Currently, we needed to be a member of a “certain category” in order to send more than 10 proposals per month. If the new profile allows us to bid on ALL categories, how does this affect the cost of the membership? I have more than one membership for various categories; one category membership will be expiring this month (Nov). Are we to understand there will be NO MORE CATEGORY membership fees rather just ONE FEE to allow us to bid on ALL PROJECTS? If so, is this one fee going to be change from the current rate?

    Please advise so we can plan accordingly.

    FYI – Atula, when you see an employer requesting a “free mockup” report the project to guru.com. As stated in guru.com rules, NO FREE MOCKUPS are to be requested. See rule #3 here: http://www.guru.com/help/employer-help-center/my-projects/posting-projects/projects-guru-cannot-post/

    • Anna

      Hi Thinkjon,

      That is a very good question. We are posting to the blog on Nov. 14 about the new membership details and how your current memberships will translate. In short, I can tell you now that you will still have one membership fee per profile, BUT since you will only need one profile with the new setup, you’ll have only one membership fee! And yes, you will be able to bid on all projects, in all categories!

      There will be 5 membership plans, from $0 to $39.95/month. Any unused membership you still have when it’s time to transition (late Dec-early Jan) will be translated to the new plan that is closest in terms of cost.

      I hope this helps! We will be releasing full details about membership costs and how things will change next week, so stay tuned! 🙂

  11. Sandra More

    It looks great, Anna. Thanks to you and the Guru staff for all your hard work.

    Just as a side note, I’m in agreement with some others who mentioned requiring Employers to provide actually locations. I’ll support just about any change that helps us avoid wasting bids on employers who never award the projects they post would be helpful.

    • Anna

      Hi George,
      The new profiles will be available to you to start building this Saturday! Please see the update on our Facebook page, and stay tuned for related news. We’re very excited about this, too! 🙂


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