On August 26, we made updates to the Registration, “Create Identity” and Dashboard pages on Guru. Following this update, we received quite a few suggestions for improvement for the Dashboard page. Thank you for your valuable feedback!   We have reviewed your suggestions and made changes to the Dashboard page.  You can now get to Invitations, “Project Matches” and “Watch List” pages by clicking on the links on the right panel of the Dashboard page.

Everything we cook at Guru is seasoned with your thoughts. The Dashboard page will not be an exception. It will also evolve to your taste and liking.

While we are on the subject of updates, let me fill you in on the upcoming changes.

  • Improvements to the “Post Project”, “View Project” and “Submit Proposal” pages are currently in the development phase. Details about these changes will be posted on the blog within the next few weeks. You can expect these changes to be released in December.
  • We will update the Profile pages and add Multi-User Accounts feature in the early part of 2013. These improvements are currently in the design phase. We will post more details on the blog starting in February.
  • Next, we will improve the Billing & Payment interface on Guru. We’re planning the timeline for this project. Let’s just say this change is currently in the inspiration phase.

I am personally most excited about your new Profile page. It has been a sheer joy to plan this page. I cannot help but be reminded of the famous line by George Zimmer…. “You’re gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it!”

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  1. Christine R.

    The changes to the Summary section on the Dashboard are great. Thank you! Having the details available at a glance rather than clicking through a couple other pages is so much better. 🙂

  2. Denise

    Yes, an improvement, but would it be possible to do something with the Alert board to help us identify exactly who has sent us a message? Could new or unread messages be presented in a different font color or something to distinguish a new message from an older message? This would save time and a lot of guessing,hunting and pecking.
    Thank you.

  3. Joseph

    I like the dashboard, but how do I get rid of (delete) the alerts? Seems like it would be simple, but the keep gathering up for me!


    — Joseph

    • Jason

      Hello Joseph – Currently, dashboard alerts cannot be deleted; they are meant to be an ongoing narrative of your activity on Guru.com. Since the release of the dashboard, we have received a few comments/suggestions from people who’d like the ability to remove these items. We’ll continue to keep these comments in mind as we consider additional ways to refine the dashboard feature.


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