Last week, we announced upcoming improvements to how you manage your work and get paid. One such improvement will come in the form of a more powerful agreement.

Benefits of the New Agreements

Increased payment protection.

Ensure you get paid on time by requiring a minimum SafePay balance to cover the upcoming milestone or work week. We’ll create invoices for you, so you can focus on your work. These invoices will be automatically paid on the due date as long as the funds are in SafePay.

Bill for your entire team.

If you’re working on an hourly job, you can list each team member’s rate and maximum hours per week. This gives your employer a sense of confidence in your work process.

Strengthen your case.

Your agreement serves as the main reference point if you find yourself in a dispute over SafePay funds. It can mean the difference between winning and losing an arbitration case.

What To Look For When Reviewing An Agreement

After you are hired, the next step is to create an agreement and have your employer accept it. An agreement sets expectations and protects you in the case of a dispute. Carefully detail out your agreement to be sure you are protected before starting work.

Billable Hours or Milestones

For fixed-price jobs, clearly define each milestone at which you will be paid. Be clear about what you will deliver. For hourly jobs, list each team member along with their individual rate and maximum weekly hours. This is an essential step in protecting yourself and ensuring you get paid.

Minimum SafePay Balance

Make it clear how much money you want to be secured for your work, time and effort by requiring a minimum SafePay balance. For fixed-price jobs, your employer will be prompted to fund the milestone you’re working on, as well as the next one. In the case of an hourly job, they will be prompted to fund a percentage of the maximum hours that could be tracked for the upcoming week. As long as there are funds in SafePay, you will be automatically paid.

Status Updates

State how often you will update your employer on the status of your job. You will be able to use improved time tracking and messaging tools, as well as new status tools (coming soon). Having all of this information in one centralized place encourages better communication and is helpful in the event of a dispute.

Invoice Grace Period

Let your employer know how quickly you want to be paid after submitting an invoice. This will be used to automatically pay invoices. As long as there are funds in SafePay, your invoices will be paid within 7, 14, or 28 days.


This is where you lay out expectations and set boundaries. Explain exactly what services you will be providing and what other materials and information you will need to deliver what the employer wants. It doesn’t hurt to repeat your work terms you’ve outlined above, as well as when you are available for phone calls or chat.

Questions You Might Have

What will happen to my current agreements when the new ones are released?

Any existing agreements you have in place will still be viewable, but not in the new format. If you need to edit an agreement, you will need to create a new one. If you have an agreement pending your employer’s approval, it will be converted to the new format, and will remain pending acceptance.

What if I complete work that is not outlined in our agreement?

Miscellaneous invoices allow you to bill for work completed above and beyond your agreement. Your employer will have the option to either pay or delete miscellaneous invoices.

What is a “pending” agreement?

An agreement will remain pending until your employer accepts or declines it. If they decline it, look at the messages section to see their reasons, and revise the agreement, asking questions along the way until you both come to an understanding.


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  1. alex Makui

    I just hired a designer to do my website, Where can I get an agreement? Thanks Alex

  2. Peter

    An employer funded a Safepay for the Job before I could send an agreement.

    When i did send an agreement the screen seemed to say that an agreement had not been sent.

    So I sent it again…

    Now I have two agreements one agreed to and one pending.

    And a deposit in SafePay I cannot see.

    Could you run through the Logic on these screens for the sake of mine and other guru users sanity!


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