We updated our Search for Freelancers page–making it easier for you to find the exact people you need for your projects. Look at a preview of the new design below or search for freelancers now.

Search for Freelancers by keyword or profile ID using the search at the top of the page.


Refine your Freelancer search to find the exact person you need. Narrow your search by

  • Skill  (programming, web development, design and more)
  • Location (worldwide, country, U.S. state, city and ZIP code)
  • Industry (retail, education, professional, health care, etc.)
  • Budget
  • Tested Skills (ASP .NET, ColdFusion, etc.)

Quickly find the most active, available Freelancers by checking out how many quotes the Freelancer has submitted in the last 30 days. Look for Freelancers of high quality by quickly scanning the amount of money earned along with their feedback rating.

Check out the cleaner, more streamlined Search for Freelancers page design.

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