Invoice Auto-Pay- The End of Chasing Payments

We’re happy to announce that next week we’re improving invoice auto-pay with the introduction of verified payment methods! When you work with an employer with a verified payment method, we will make sure there are always enough funds in SafePay to pay your invoices.

How it’ll work:

Once a milestone or time-based invoice is created, we will make sure SafePay has enough funds to cover it, according to your agreement. If the balance comes up short, we will charge the employer’s verified payment method to bring it up to the required minimum. The funds in SafePay will then be used to pay your invoice on the agreed-upon date (7, 14, or 28 days after invoicing). No more chasing down invoice payments. Work with an employer who’s verified and get paid on time, every time with invoice auto-pay. Coming Oct. 12th!

Note: It’s best to ask employers to fund SafePay before starting work, even when they have a verified payment method. This ensures that we have the money up front rather than having to wait until an invoice is due to check that the funds are available.

Learn more about invoice auto-pay in the Help Center

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  1. Mercy N

    I’ve just completed my first job on Guru and I find Safe Pay very helpful. Verified Payments will only make the payment process better.

  2. Shahzad Murad B

    Yeah good move by , looking forward to get daily business from genuine employers. There are lot of non genuine employers , unfortunately genuine workers do not entertain them. But for new workers it was getting hard to find jobs and waste of bids.

    I hope would solve the issue about bid’s , which were wasted on non genuine employers.

    Thank you Guru


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