We know that as a freelancer, you depend on getting paid on time. This is why we want to make it easy for you to follow up on unpaid invoices.

We’ve released two updates with this goal in mind…

1. “Deleted” Invoices Become “Rejected”

It’s amazing the difference one word can make! An invoice that has a status of “rejected by employer” still exists, but your employer has no intention of paying it. We’ll alert you immediately if this happens, so you can resend the invoice, delete it, or keep it for your reference.

To avoid having invoices rejected, send only milestone or hourly invoices, which are set up when you create an agreement.


 2. Lock Auto-Pay Dates From Your Dashboard

We added a dashboard alert so you know if your employer delays auto-pay for a milestone invoice backed by SafePay funds. You can immediately lock the auto-pay date if you believe the payment is due, right from your dashboard.


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  1. Danny

    Anna I disagree, when did this change take place? This is absolutely not true. I have had over 3 jobs to go unpaid although I fulfilled the milestones, autopay requirements. All they have to do is retreat from the Guru system or abandon it and start a new profile. After several complaints they still remain unpaid, some dating back to April of 2014. 🙁 The tech had me change from autopay to the invoice system so I could leave an invoice unpaid. I realize that there can be no surefire way to ensure payment, there are still some that know how to work around the Guru payment system.

    I would like more details on how I can ensure I can get paid for work performed and I will gladly return to Guru.


  2. Maria

    This example does not look anything like my dash board.

    For example, the section indicating “this invoice will be automatically payed on…” does no appear on my dashboard. I have only an option to send an invoice if the job has been completed. Since I use Guru SafePay and I get the full fee deposited before I start a job this does not apply.



    • Anna

      Maria, the “Auto-Pay on DATE” and popup message will only display for milestone invoices backed by SafePay funds. If you are billing by the hour, this does not apply. I hope this helps! If you still have questions, please contact us using our online form or by calling 1-888-678-0136.


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