It’s not fun to be left in the dark on the status of your project. Starting March 25, Guru’s new Work Room Milestones and Tasks tools will make it easy for you to be in the know and track the exact progress of your project. We’ll tell you if your project is on or behind schedule.

On March 25, use Milestones and Tasks to improve project communication and collaboration. Simply specify what work needs to be done and by when.

  • Create milestones to define the broad steps needed to complete your project.
  • Assign detailed tasks to each milestone to define the small stepping stones needed to reach each broad step.
  • Attach due dates to each milestone and task.


Employer and Freelancer Project Management Tools

Are you someone who likes to take the reins of the project? No problem! Assign yourself as the project manager, and take charge by defining the milestones and tasks. (By default, Guru assigns the Freelancer as project manager in charge of creating milestones and tasks.)

Starting March 25, use Milestones and Tasks to ensure you are in sync throughout your projects.


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