Are you an engineering & architecture guru looking to make more money doing what you do? Then keep reading, because these gurus have some great ideas to help you be more successful!

We asked 3 top-earning freelancers to share their tips for selling engineering & architecture services on Guru. Optimize your profile to attract more clients and land more jobs with these tips from Aether Machines, Genero Novus and Tooling Design.

1. Make Your Services Easy To Understand
“Most employers don’t have a clue about what’s required to produce a good engineering design package, ready for manufacturing, and consequently don’t have a clue what it’s going to cost to do it correctly. educate-blog
So you must educate them and take the time to explain why certain processes need to be completed.”

-Tooling Design

2. Create Services For Each Of Your Interests
“The types of services displayed reflect the technological interests that I have, and the extent to which I expanded and developed these interests provides overlap in services offered. That is, the more I expand upon one interest, the greater the overlap in services provided, and the greater the variety of opportunities that can be pursued.”

-Aether Machines

3. A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
“Many pictures quickly answer many questions. I included telltale images of a range of projects, highlighting different industries, products, processes and with that my experience and skill set.”

-Genero Novus

4. Attract Interest Using Work Collections
“I selected work examples to cover my areas of interest, demonstrate overlap, demonstrate difficulty or simplicity, and be attractive in color and clarity. I also made sure each work collection reflects the individual keywords that may be searched.”

-Aether Machines


5. Build Trust in the About Section
“You can stay incognito – but you have to communicate ‘who’ you are to build some trust. Even in a global and somewhat impersonal marketplace you need trust for a working relationship.”

-Genero Novus

6. Share Your Philosophy and Expectations
“In my opinion, the about section should illustrate some unique history and philosophy of creativity, as well as state up front the expectations for Guru use. I have had attempts by employers to contact me on Guru and then take the project offline. This is dangerous because an employer may string you along, blur deliverables, payment dates, or statements of work, or change things they are unsure of without adding cost. So, I believe it is important to state that you only accept payment through SafePay.”

-Aether Machines

7. Review Your Competition on Guru
“As points of reference, I explored the services already offered by other freelancers on Guru and decided on MY most value added services – what is it I do best?”

-Genero Novus

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