If you paid any U.S.-based freelancers through Guru in 2016 and opted into Guru’s free 1099 service, remember to review your complimentary 1099 report. You have until January 13 at 5 pm EST to notify us if any corrections are needed.

To view your 1099 Report:

  1. Sign in to your Guru.com account.
  2. Click “Pay” in the header.
  3. Click the “Expense Reports” tab.
  4. Click the”View 2016 Report” link.

Email your corrections using our online contact form.

On Monday, January 16, we will submit your information to the IRS and to the freelancers on your behalf. You are not obligated to resubmit your 1099 Report information to the IRS.

Guru.com provides 1099 Reports as a courtesy to employers. Learn how to opt in.

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