Automatic billing of time tracked can only work if there’s an agreement to back it up. To keep you informed of your billing status in real time, we’re adding alerts for when your agreement needs attention.

Now, if a team member who’s tracking time has not been added to the agreement, or if your agreement has expired, we’ll alert you by email and in our Time Tracker software. This gives you the chance to update your agreement in time for automatic billing, so that you get paid on time.

Let us know if you have any feedback!

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  1. Sanrat Mitra

    will I use the “time tracker software” for both fixed price & hourly rated job? would you please tell me clearly which type of work(fixed/hourly) & when I should use “time tracker software”. How can I set it when I’ll apply a job.


    • Jake

      Hi Sanrat–time tracker is optional regardless. However, you can use it for either type of job to keep track of your time. Ideally, you would use it in conjunction with an active hourly agreement because our system will take the time you track within the software and generate an invoice for it automatically on every Monday.


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