Today, each Freelancer profile is associated with 1 of 17 main categories that can at times overlap. With the launch of the new Guru profile, categories will no longer define you. Instead you’ll be able to create services and associate each with 1 of 8 broader categories, using a single profile.

Also, to help ease you through this upcoming transition, we’ll get you started by adding a few services to your new profile. We’ll take your subcategories and make each a service, and we’ll map each service to a new category using the map below. Each service will display the feedback and earnings of its associated category. Feel free to create as many additional services as you want to increase your marketing power!

New Categories on Guru

Next week we’ll be sending out more information about the release of the new profiles. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

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  1. john griffin

    Can you please add categories that are more appropriate for a educational / academic arena? Include:
    Education…educational Research…Statistician, Instructional Design, , Training and Development. Many more can also be included.

  2. Nanda K

    Hello to all,

    I have singed up on GURU.COM long back as a basic member, and I have crated two template such as Websites & E-commerce and Programming & Databases. I have a 5 star feedback on one profile.

    As per the above post, there is a facility to create a new profile with selecting the new categories. So I tried, but I could able to see old categories list only. Where will be the new categories list? And also how can I merge the two old profiles in to single profile?

    • Anna

      Hi Nanda,

      The new categories are coming the week of November 11 along with the release of the new profiles to Freelancers. You will, however, still be using your current profiles until those new profiles go live to Employers in December. In a couple of weeks we will post about what will happen with your current profiles as we transition to the new ones. In short, we will give you the option to move your data from your previous profiles over to the new one (which will give you a jump start on building your new profile). In this case, you will not lose your 5-star rating – in fact, any service you create under that category will be rated 5 stars.

  3. ved

    My subscription for one category is going to expire in few days. Should I renew my subscription for that category? I am just asking this as I am not sure whether in new system we have to pay as a freelancer for each category or each service and is there any change in fees for service or category? Please suggest.

    • Anna

      Hi Ved,

      With the new profiles, you will not have to pay as a freelancer for different categories or services. With one profile, you’ll be able to create as many services as you want and under as many categories as you want! As for renewing your profile right now, I’d suggest you go ahead as you’ll still be using your current profiles for another few months until your new profile goes live to Employers. As the time gets closer, we’ll provide specific information and examples about what will happen to your current membership and profiles, so you can make an informed decision as the time comes to transition.

  4. Kay Derochie

    My principle business is editing, which is a different skill and service from writing (related but different). Guru has removed editing from the new main categories. This is going to make it hard for people looking for editors to find me and other editors. Could this be an oversight? Can you correct it by adding editing back into the title of the main category?

    Thank you.

    • Anna

      Hi Kay,

      Actually, this will not have any impact on Employers being able to find you. When we release the new profiles and search to Employers in a few weeks, they will be able to find you directly from the keyword-rich services and Work Collections you create. Just be sure to add plenty of services and Work Collections that include the skill keywords related to editing and you will be fine.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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