Freelancers, did you know that your new Guru profile is optimized for search engines?

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Each of your services, Work Collections and skill tag pages is built as a SEO-friendly, stand-alone page on These pages will be indexed and promoted by public search engines when profiles go live. All you have to do is add content! Drive traffic to your profile by creating several keyword-specific services and Work Collections.

Be sure your profile visibility is set as “Public” and not “Hidden” if you wish to show up in search results. Add services and work to your profile today so it’s ready for its debut!

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Featured Profile: N-VisionIT

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    • Anna

      Hi John,
      It looks like you already transferred your existing data over from your old profile, so you are good to go. Before Feb. 1 you should edit your services and Work Collections. Click the “Build your NEW profile today” link on your dashboard to get started.

      Services are how Employers will find you, and if you keep the default titles for them, you won’t stand out from the crowd.

      Same goes for your Work Collections, which should be industry specific, and each collection should represent one project you’ve completed for a client in the past. For example, instead of putting all of your work samples for Child Book Illustration in one collection, you could create a Work Collection for each project you completed – “Child Puzzle Illustration”, “Child Book Illustration for Christmas Story”, etc. Also, try adding a brief description of the project in each Work Collection.

      Let me know if you have any questions at all about optimizing your new profile!


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