To keep your account as safe as possible, we are introducing security questions. If we need to confirm your identity, your correct answers will help us verify it’s you.

Beginning August 10th we will prompt you to select three security questions and provide answers. Pick from the suggested questions or create your own. Try to pick questions that would be impossible for anyone else to answer and avoid ones whose answers could be found online.

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  1. Marco Martinez

    I suggest using a 2 Factor Authentication system. There is so many data in the internet about us that even if there isn’t an explicit answer most of the security questions (default and created ones) could be answered by digging in that info.

  2. GoodMirek

    Seems as an improvement 🙂
    What about 2 factor authentication?

    P.S. Why should I enter my details while commenting? I am logged in, it can easily pull them from my account.

  3. Photodec G

    This is great. We have good methods like Agreement and safepay in Guru to deal with. Another security method even better for keep the Accounts safe.

  4. Razu Ahammad

    This is a great idea for securing our account. But I can’t appreciate to use 10 security question. If possible use about 5 question.


  5. S K Chowdhury Masum

    2-Step Verification Help keep the bad guys out of your account by using both your password and your phone. 2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring you to sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone). I will suggest to use 2-Step Verification or security question each time user access to account. Both have different advantage.

  6. Rick

    You need to fix the security question addition that you added to the website. Every time I sign in it says it doesn’t recognize the device I am on (even after I check remember me) and asks me a security question.


  7. Christine Miller

    I made and answered these security questions finally today and now I can’t even get the website to come up. they load in but the page is blank. This is very frustrating as I have a client that I have been conversing with and now I can see e-mails but can’t reply back. I can’t even use the contact us from an e-mail as it does the same thing.


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