To celebrate Novembeard, Guru staff members are reflecting on the bearded men who have inspired them. Today, Greg talks about Davy Jones, and why he is truly “beardspirational”.

Davy Jones

I’m inspired by Davy Jones for his passion and dedication. In order to spend one mere day with his true love, Calypso, he would have to do something for her in exchange. All he had to do was sail the entire oceans for TEN YEARS searching for DEAD BODIES and take them to the OTHER SIDE.

Remember this the next time your significant other asks you to sweep the garage.

After ten long years of fulfilling his side of the deal, Davy Jones was stood up! Unable to deal with the betrayal, he cut out his heart and placed it in what is now known as “The Dead Man’s chest.” That is true passion and dedication, considering he of all people should know there’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

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