To finish up Novembeard, Guru staff members have been reflecting on the bearded men who have inspired them. Today, Jake talks about the inspirational power of beards made out of bees. Yes, you read that right. Bees.

My bearded inspiration story pulls directly from the pages of that thick volume of oddities we all read as kids, The Guinness Book of World Records

bee beard

Not just one single bearded man inspires me, I’d like to extend my gratitude instead to the brave men and women out there who wear beards fashioned out of swarms of honey bees.

It literally makes no sense to do this. How would you even know that such a feat could be possible? I can’t imagine how the concept even materialized. I do know, though, that pure, raw confidence and a little bit of craziness must be involved when a man or a woman decides to stick a queen bee on their chin so that her swarm of drones descend on that person’s face, giving the impression that they have a beard made out of bees.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, go out there, do what you want to do regardless of the naysayers that inevitably stand on either side of you, yelling “Don’t put bees on your face, idiot!”

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