On April 12 the “Quotes” page for freelancers is getting a face-lift to make it easier to keep track of the quotes you send. The primary focus is now “Quotes in Negotiation”, which shows you all of your quotes that have responses from an employer. This makes it easy to identify the quotes you need to follow up on.

We’ve also updated the look and feel of how you manage quote templates to make it consistent with the rest of the site.

Let us know your feedback—it’s important to us!

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  1. Karin

    I like the new facelift. And especially the quote area. And how I can change font etc. To high light my bid.

    Thanks !

  2. Scott

    I liked the old way better. It was much more user-friendly. Now when I load my template to apply for a project all of the nice formatting is lost. And the tiny little Scope of Work box makes it so much more difficult to re-format it. This makes it twice as long to submit a proposal.

  3. Rahul Thakral


    The new look is good but one thing that i can say that Job Description box should keep the space like an editor. Previously it was taking the spaces but now it is not taking the spaces between which spoil the format of ou resume and it may leads to more time while applying the job,

    • Jake

      Hi Rahul–we had some issues with styling and paragraph breaks that should be fixed now.

  4. Victoria

    Hi Jake, I believe it’s a good way to follow up and find out what happened to the quote?
    you need to make it easier for the freelancer to avoid just sending too much proposal and not getting the result.

  5. Chet Powell

    Like the change. But it won’t let me change the milestone in the agreement once the date arrives. For instance, I submitted a bid, on the 8th, and set the milestone for the 9th (letting the employer that it was a one day turnaround). The employer hired me on the 9th. Let the employer know that I would change it, but it is greyed out.

  6. Sudip

    The terms “placeholder” for submitting proposal should be changed. Because it gives an impression to the client that its a copy and paste proposal. I had noted some clients posted their project and mentioned they will not entertain a placeholder proposal. But still for certain projects which needs more clarification we cannot use other option. Also request along with changing the term “placeholder” add a option to place a cost to it.


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