Sharing files. Lots of files!

Starting March 25, Guru is exploding your storage space to 1 GB of files per project (up from the 100 MB per project we allow today). Use Guru’s Work Room file space to post and share your work files up to 100 MB each.

Employer and Freelancer files
  • Use Guru’s file sharing to share up to 1 GB of files per project, 100 MB per file.
  • Keep your files neat and tidy. Create folders to organize your files.
  • Hmmm… Which file version is the most recent? Upload files and Guru will track versions for you. To keep things simple, only the latest version will be viewable.
  • Do you like to attach project files to your Discussions? Guru will automatically upload files you attach to Work Room Discussions to the Work Room Files page.
  • All files uploaded to the new Work Room will be shared.

Have projects with files uploaded to our current file sharing system? Guru will give you a separate link to find these files once the new Work Room Files is in place. (Current files will not be transferred into the new Work Room.)

On March 25, use Guru’s Work Room Files page to upload and share up to 1 GB of files per project.

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