Paying invoices using SafePay is a smart move, but we admit it should be more intuitive.

Up to this point, a freelancer could send an invoice that you couldn’t pay with SafePay due to how those funds were allocated. You have made it clear that this shouldn’t happen. You want full control of your SafePay funds.

We heard you, and we’re letting you make the final decision of how you use SafePay funds. You now have access to the entire amount you put aside for a freelancer’s work to pay any of their invoices.

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  1. Marina Garcia, President/CEO/Owner

    Outstanding, Anna!

    This ONE feature within the “new and improved” platform has wreaked havoc with existing client-freelancer relationships. Also, the SafePay restrictions have limited new relationships to form.

    Now, with your removing the client and freelancer that SafePay funding payments are missing will disappear!

    Again, outstanding!


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